Nutrition Based Solutions Run deep - all the way to your Genes with Romilly Hodges

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Romilly Hodges

About Romilly Hodges

Romilly Hodges, MS CNS CKNS CDN IFMCP, is a clinical nutritionist and Nutrition Programs Director at Dr. Fitzgerald’s practice, where she founded and now co-manages a nutrition residency program for CNS candidates. As well as being a clinician, Romilly has written for peer-reviewed publication, book contributions and many online articles. She has also contributed to professional training courses and designed the study diet for the first-of-its-kind epigenetic study run through the National University of Natural Medicine. She currently serves on the Board of the American Nutrition Association’s (ANA) Accreditation Council for Nutrition Professional Education and is involved with several other industry-related initiatives with the ANA. Find out more about Romilly here.