Symptoms are your guide through homeopathy with Jody Putnicki

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About Jody Putnicki

I’ve proudly partnered with Resilience Naturopathic with a deep rooted passion for supporting families as they navigate the treacherous waters of PANS and PANDAS. I am a momma bear that has been through the nightmare of losing my child to this awful condition so I fully understand where you are right now. I was blessed to have taken my child through the recovery process with Resilience Naturopathic and now have my happy, healthy little girl back. I feel as though a strong calling has been placed on my life to stay with the families that are still in the trenches by sharing my families life changing experiences of healing with homeopathy. I know that there’s hope for our children and I want to help you learn how your child can get out of the cycle of symptoms. My goal is to support your family through the healing process and to advocate for our children through education on the healing power of homeopathy. I am here for you because I know you don’t have to be in this place forever. There is hope and healing for your child!