Creating your superpower with Dr. Natasha Fallahi

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About Dr. Natasha Fallahi

Dr. Natasha Fallahi is The Sensitive Doctor. She is a mindbody health expert, functional medicine practitioner, creative chiropractor and multimedia artist specializing in an intuitive approach to living and healing.

She helps sensitive people suffering from chronic illness and trauma connect with their intuition and inborn gifts so they can feel at home in this world. Her approach is especially effective for people experiencing depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, vague pain, brain fog, food intolerance, chemical sensitivities and autoimmunity.

Ever since transforming her own health with mindbody medicine, she dedicated her life to helping others achieve their highest potential – physical, emotional and energetic. Her holistic approach includes practical, interactive and DIY therapies such as: bioenergetic bodywork, mindbody medicine and natural remedies.

She is the founder of The KANARI: Tools for Empaths and offers e-courses, online coaching, and healing retreats for sensitive women.