Creating balance through homeopathy with Dr. Jennifer Bahr

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About Dr. Jennifer Bahr

There are several moments in my life that you could say that my life’s calling was initiated. It could be in the excitement I felt about summer workshops at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI for short) in Columbus, OH. It could have been in the time I spent in the military, doing work that I knew was important, but that was only indirectly helping people. It could have been the day I declared my major of physiology and neurobiology at the University of Maryland. All of those make sense for someone who would eventually become a doctor but none of those quite ring true for me. The true, pivotal moment probably occurred during a 1 week period following Thanksgiving of 2003. It started with the day that I was disappointed that I woke up. Or maybe it started with the day I left a psychiatrist’s office with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and thought to myself “well I guess I was just wasting my time with all the hard work in my pre-med courses, because now I will never be a doctor. Everything I had ever heard about having a mental illness told me that I was irrevocably broken. That I wouldn’t actually be able to accomplish what I hoped because no one would trust me, accept me, or love me.

To be honest, I only wish that I could say that I pushed off those thoughts right away and became more determined than ever to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. In reality, it took me a few years to regain the confidence and trust in myself that I lost on that December day in 2003. It also took years of trying to find a way to feel stable and still feel like myself. The medications my psychiatrist gave me aided in the former but robbed me of the latter. When I was off meds, I felt free, like myself or even better than myself, and then completely shackled by my existence. Life was truly a roller coaster of ups and downs and on and off meds. In reality, I have this roller coaster to thank for propelling me to the work that I have dedicated my life to. I knew there had to be another way, and I had to find it not only for myself, but to help those who were struggling on the same roller coaster I was.

I intended to pursue conventional medicine and then devote my life to studying natural therapies to help reduce or eliminate the need for psychotropic medications. It was by pure chance that I discovered naturopathic medicine. It was a huge relief to learn that what I was trying to piece together – a blend of conventional and natural medicine – already existed! I was so excited to be accepted to Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and in the summer of 2008 I left my job as an Arabic translator for the federal government and headed west.

Throughout school and beyond I diligently studied everything I could that had any chance to provide solutions for psychiatric illness. Nutrient therapy, herbs, therapeutic diets, you name it. All helped to a degree, but none provided the solution I was really seeking. None, that is, until I found homeopathy. With homeopathy I was able to get off my medications and maintain stable moods. With homeopathy, I finally was able to recover and heal.

I completed a mental health focused residency where I honed my skills in using homeopathy along with the other naturopathic tools useful in helping people with mental health conditions recover. I am committed to helping others to have the same transformative experience that I had, and have thus founded the practice and created a residency, so that I can help more doctors learn how to effectively help even more people.

The word “resilience” is very meaningful to me. It was resilience that allowed me to pursue my ambition, even in the face of a “life-long debilitating illness.” It was homeopathy that helped me to heal and improve my resilience to the point that I now have good and bad days that I quickly and easily bounce back from without having to worry that I will become manic or depressed. Resilience is ultimately what I work to help my patients achieve.

Welcome to Resilience Naturopathic. I am so glad to have you here, and look forward to joining you on your journey.